City Foods Egypt

Is leading company in producing Egyptian Fresh Vegetables and Dehydrated Onion and Garlic. Also, cleaning, sifting , packing Herbs and Seeds. We are exporting our products from Egypt to all over the world. We have deep ideas and techniques about the farms, market progress. Beside our long experience and trained team work that handle the shipment smoothly and fast, commit with high performance with packing sorting and loading for the producing steps and other arrange.

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The values that we believe make our company great are:

  • Customer-Focused
  • Employee Safety & Wellness
  • Information Driven
  • Quality and Value Oriented
  • Natural is Better
  • Honesty, Integrity and Respect
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Dehydrating Food

Dehydrating is the world’s oldest form of food preservation, it requires no preservatives, and it yields great tasting food with months of shelf life. So why isn’t it more popular? The simple truth is, food dehydrators aren’t a mainstream kitchen appliance, so many people are not familiar with how and why they would use a dehydrator. But, there are many good reasons to add food dehydration to your DIY skill set.

Benefits of dehydrating food:

  • Dehydrated food tastes great.
  • No preservatives or chemical additives.
  • Storing dehydrated food is efficient.
  • Replace store-bought snacks and eat healthier.


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